Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machines UGV

UGV Vertical Centrifugal Casting machine

UGV Vertical Centrifugal Casting machine

The UGV range of Vertical centrifugal casting machines are floor mounted and are manufactured in 4 sizes – UGV 0 to UGV 3. The UGV range are  typically used for the production of ring and bush type engineering castings; typically for applications such as reduction gear-boxes, bearing cages, diesel engine parts, pump impellers, stainless steel flanges, valve bodies and rings.

Vertical Machine DesignationFaceplate diameter mmFaceplate weight kg (guide only)Machine capacity including faceplate and mould kg*
UGV 050055300
UGV 1700110600
UGV 212004701200
UGV 312004702500

Other variations available on request, weights and sizes guide only please refer to load speed chart.

UGV Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine Manufacturer – Gibson Centri Tech Ltd